Finding God's Winning Spirit

Think F.A.S.T.®

The world is a busy place - life comes at us from all sides, and time flies. It is not surprising that we can feel lost, overwhelmed, and stuck. That is not the way to live life. In this condition, we will not accomplish our goals or become who we aspire to be; we will not achieve God’s winning spirit. 

One of my NFL clients told me that the biggest transition into pro football was the speed of the game. All he heard the first year from his coaches was “play fast” or “think fast”. He went on to tell me that the only way for him to slow the game down was to utilize his individual skills and focus on his own performance. This is the key to living a fulfilled and powerful life for Christ.

The answer, in life or in sports, lies not in just thinking fast but rather having a plan, which is simple, effective, and focused on success. We need a game plan for life. We need a plan that works in the short-term as well as it does in the long-term, a plan that is flexible and is simple enough to repeat under pressure.

This is why I have come up with a workbook entitled, Think F.A.S.T.® This daily plan for personal victory emerges from Biblical principles that are summarized in the acronym F.A.S.T., which stands for faith, accountability, sacrifice, and testimony. I use this workbook as the key material for my intensive week program (24/7) with great success. Living our lives by these key words and concepts allows us to daily evaluate and elevate our performance as Christians. It increases our chance to find God’s winning spirit!                                                             


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