Finding God's Winning Spirit

Faith Camp


Faith Camp is a three day or five-day Christian-based retreat for management teams, professional/college athletes, and/or staffs. The purpose of Faith Camp is to provide these individuals and staffs with the opportunity to team-build, grow spiritually and emotionally and evaluate the past year in preparation for the year or season to come. This retreat focuses on the intangible pressures and stress brought on by result-based performance, and in some cases, public life. Our time together will help participants learn to manage stress, build faith, enhance relationships, and ultimately improve performance.


Faith Camp is built on the premise that emotional and physical health comes from living our lives in balance. In the high profile life of the high level professional or athlete, balance is easily lost. Public life brings with it notoriety, temptations, and constant distractions, all of which threaten the emotional and spiritual well being of these individuals. We believe that true balance can only come from a foundation based on the principles of Christ.



This retreat experience will allow individuals and staffs the opportunity to withdraw to a neutral site and emotionally and physically re-group. This time together will provide an opportunity to process and share personal concerns and set personal and professional goals for the year to come. During this retreat each client will grow in his or her understanding of:

Personal Relationship with God – To use this relationship to increase quality of life.

Personality – For participants to better understand themselves and what fulfills them.

Purpose – Increase focus. To evaluate how personal and spiritual gifts are to be used.

Power – To transform a balanced and focused life into a powerful life.

Performance – To learn to use faith, balance, focus, and a sense of purpose as a foundation of life resulting in increased athletic performance, and more importantly, to discover one’s own winning spirit.


Faith Camp takes place in a golf-resort setting. Each day includes Bible study, group work, 18 holes of golf, and fellowship. Faith Camp takes place in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This location, on the Gulf of Mexico in South Alabama, provides us with the environment in which to rest, play, hear and study God’s word.




Bible Study/Assigned Reading


18 Holes of Golf


Group Session



The cost of Faith Camp is $1,000 per day per person and includes lodging, meals, and 18 holes of golf each day. Travel expenses are not included. We require half of this fee up front to reserve your spot in the group. The remainder of the fee is due at time of arrival. Retreats are scheduled as groups form.