Finding God's Winning Spirit

The Whistler

September 22, 2015 | Greg Smith | Devotional


Years ago my pastor told an interesting story - it went something like this:

A small-town pastor, being assigned to a new church, moved into his parsonage next door to an elderly couple. This pastor noticed that every day the older gentleman would spend all day working in his yard.  He would sweep the sidewalk, weed the front flower bed, check his garden in the rear and eventually end up in his shop in the backyard. The pastor also notice that his neighbor continually whistled while he worked. “Whistling while you work” is not all that strange but this gentleman’s whistling got louder and louder. He would whistle low while sweeping the sidewalk but by the time he got to his shed he was whistling much louder. The pastor could almost tell what his neighbor was doing by how loud he was whistling.

One day while the pastor was in the local hardware store he asked the shop owner about his neighbor. He relayed his curiosity about old Mr. Jones and his whistling. The man behind the counter smiled compassionately and said, "Oh that is old Harvey Jones. His wife is blind and Harvey whistles to let her know where he is and that she is not alone."

The next time we find ourselves feeling alone I bet if we sit real still we can hear God whistling.  


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