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Trusting Your Swing

October 23, 2013 | Greg Smith | Freedom


I was watching a PGA event the other day as some commentator was interviewing the tournament winner.  This professional golfer said that in the waning minutes of the tournament he overcame the pressure by telling himself to “just trust his swing.”  To most non-golfers this seems simple and almost trite.  Take it from an avid amateur golfer; it is not.

For those of you that do not play golf let me try to explain why “trusting your swing” is a lot harder than it sounds.  First of all, the golf swing is one of the most un-natural athletic moves known to man.  The golf swing starts with simultaneously moving his/her hands, arms, shoulders and hips away from the target.  This is of course is all done while keeping one’s head still.  The next move is to return all these moving parts to their original point at the same instant.

It is also important that you remember to keep your lead arm straight, keep your head down, take the club straight back and make sure you are parallel at the top.  Take it from me; you better have more going for yourself than trust.

The reason this professional golfer can say he just had to “trust his swing” is because he has hit about a million golf balls and has spent endless hours working on this swing.  He does not have to stop and think about all the elements that make up his swing, but rather just has to trust the work he has done.  He does not simply hope his club hits the ball – he knows it will. His swing is not a mechanical combination of moving parts but rather has become part of himself and is the end product of commitment, practice and preparation.

There are similarities here between golf and the Christian life. When the pressure is on and we go to our personal faith to get us through the day, we need to know what we believe and have some track record of living out of this faith. We cannot expect to reap the benefit of our relationship with God if we do not have one.  If we have not spent significant time with Him or in His Word then we will come up short. If we have not put the theological doctrines we believe into practice daily, then we will be unprepared to perform. Trust comes from practice and knowing that what we believe has been tested and it is true.

The golfer who shows up to perform without spending significant time on the range or The Christian who has spent limited time in Scripture,will both likely struggle. 

Excerpt from Sports Theology – Finding God’s Winning Spirit

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