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April 7, 2015 | Greg Smith | Freedom


According to Gallup research over 75% of Americans are Christian and 40% of these Christians attend church with some regularity. Easter is the Super Bowl for Christians (outdoing Christmas) as 62% to 64% say they attend Easter services. You saw this Sunday yourself, come early to get a seat, extra services, folding chairs and standing-room only. Why the big draw?

Why not? Easter is the best ending to the greatest story ever told. As a child I liked the baby Jesus and the manger and kings. As I got a little older I became impressed by miracles like Lazarus being raised from the dead, feeding the 5,000 and water to wine, to mention a few. As a teenager I remember really being fascinated by the images of the crucifixion – the stormy clouds, the tearing of the curtains in the inner sanctum and trembling Roman soldiers.

But for me nothing ever compared to that first Easter morning. This was the coolest thing of all- a vanishing act!  There was so much to like about this ending. There was the angel, the empty burial cloth, magic and wonderment. Ironically, for me what has always stuck with me was the stone, the large stone that sealed the tomb.  I remember the question put to the guard (Roman of Jewish, one or many) was “who rolled back the stone”? – Who indeed.  Interesting enough, even though I am now all grown up and officially a theologian myself, I am still fascinated with the stone.

Evidently there is still a theological debate in some circles about who opened the tomb of Christ as some say it was the disciples, some say Joseph and some even believe it was the Romans leadership (see, a good ending never tells on itself). As I have mentioned, as a younger person I was drawn to the resurrection by the mystery of who rolled away the stone. Now as an old guy I am still drawn to the stone, not because I do not know who moved it but by the fact that God is still in the “stone moving” business.

We all have things that we have entombed, parts of us that we have buried. When God rolled the stone away from the tomb He not only let us in to see His power, He released Christ into our lives. We all have “stones” in our lives, encumbrances that seem too heavy to be moved alone; barriers or obstacles that left in place can hold us prisoner or keep others out. If we pay attention we can see God still rolling stones away every day, not only in our lives but in the lives of those around us. Isn’t that the point anyway? – That no tomb (or stone if you will) could hold Christ and now, no tomb can hold us.   

In any case you got to like God’s style – revelation wrapped up in images we can never  forget – The best ending to the greatest story ever told.

For faith the mystery of the resurrection is understandable, however for the reason it is difficult to explain who moved the stone. Dear friend, I remain fans of your blog
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So many mysteries. Like, why does surrendering give me such incredible freedom?

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