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July 7, 2014 | Greg Smith | Christianity


Counselors are different than teachers and preachers. Teachers teach, preachers preach and counselors usually ask questions.  Teachers typically relay information for people to become more intelligent and pastors typically encourage people to live better lives through their faith. We as counselors are taught not to give advice, make value judgments or push our agenda on other people. So we typically ask questions. These are typically general and stock questions mind you, like “How does that make you feel”? or “Why do you think you feel that way”?  

    I for one believe in asking questions. It is my philosophy that an individual who stops asking questions stops growing. Individuals who feel that they have all the answers have become stagnant and have killed the opportunity to learn and grow. Revelation comes through seeking not finding. This is especially true when it comes to our faith and understanding God. Those who feel that they have all the answers are (quite frankly) wrong about that, tend to be judgmental and are usually a pain in the rear to be around. The Pharisees and the Sadducees thought they had all the answers and they killed Christ. 

      Yes, I believe in asking questions but I do not believe they should be general or empty when it comes to our faith. Here are some of the questions I have found helpful with my clients:

 • What difference does it make on a daily basis that you know Jesus?

• If specialists say we use only 40% of our brain, how much of our spirituality do we use?

• How can we evaluate our performance as Christians?

• Once I evaluate my performance as a Christian how can I elevate that performance?

• What difference does it make how well I perform anyway?


          How would you answer these? Stay thirsty my friends!

Live this one! Good challenges you put forth.
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