Finding God's Winning Spirit

Football Season 2015

September 1, 2015 | Greg Smith | Sports


Well it is football season! This week starts the craziness that excites, entertains, and unfortunately at times, consumes millions of American lives.  An untold number of athletes and coaches at all levels have diligently prepared for this week and season.  Some will reach their goals – most will not. Some will exceed their expectations – most will fall short. 

Yes, football starts this week and so do the locker room speeches.  Those motivational discourses that ignite the competitive juices required to prepare men for battle.  Here is mine:

“Men, let’s be real clear here about whose team God wants to win. The answer is neither. God does not care about Auburn, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, Kentucky, Texas Tech, etc. He is not a hog, dog or frog fan. God is not about teams He is about individuals. He is not interested in who wins this game He is interested in you. He wants you to perform at the best of your ability because He gave you the gifts to do so.  

He wants you to play this game with joy and thankfulness. He wants you to remember that no matter the score or outcome it is by His grace that you have the opportunity to participate. He wants you to revel in the fact that you are physically able to play a game that many cannot.

Most importantly you should be honored that God has put you in a position to model what knowing Him is like. To use your athletic ability to demonstrate what it means to be set apart – not only on the field of play but in life. To let your playing testimony show others that there is no fear in competing and all things are fulfilled through Christ.     

Participating athletically as a Christian allows you freedom. The freedom to play the game you love with unbridled joy and enthusiasm. The Freedom to lose yourself in the gifts you have been given – the freedom to win!”

I am aware that this speech would not be well received in most lockers rooms but it is a speech that every Christian parent should have with his or her athlete.      

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