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Dog Gone

October 29, 2015 | Greg Smith | Christianity


We have had our dog for about 12 years (named Ginny Weasley - our kids were big Harry Potter fans). Ginny was a Humane Society puppy that my wife volunteered to foster but of course ended up keeping (I think that is their plan). Unfortunately we found out that Ginny had distemper and we spent the first month force feeding her. She survived but we were told that she would prematurely suffer neurological damage as she aged. That process began to take place a few weeks ago. She is now totally blind.

I made the mistake of thinking that a blind dog was pretty much helpless. Last week during the renovation of one of our bathrooms blind Ginny negotiated her way through workmen, power tools and a distracted owner (me) to find an open door and wandered off. I didn't realize she was missing for a couple of hours which of course was too long – she was gone. After frantically searching the neighborhood for over an hour I had to breakdown and call my wife and tell her I had lost her dog.

We did what all pet owners do, we contacted the Humane Society, notified our neighbors, appealed to Facebook and of course the old standby,  stapling "lost dog" posters to every telephone pole we could find.  No luck – she was gone. The hard part for me was not just that this was my fault or even that Ginny was gone. What tugged at my heart was how awful it must be for her to be lost and blind. What it must be like to be totally defenseless and helpless in a hostile world with no sense of direction or course for home.

I kept telling myself to get over it; after all it was just a dog! It was about two in the morning when I realized that this was not about a pet or even loss; it was about love. 

I began to realize how the shepherd felt when he lost a sheep – why he would leave the 99 to search for the 1. I began to feel how God must have felt as he searched for Adam who had lost his way. I began to appreciate what God is willing to do to find us when we blindly wander off (and we do blindly wander off). What I felt for Ginny pales in comparison to the love God has for us – Matthew 10:29-31. My desire to find my dog pales in comparison to God’s desire to bring us home.

It was there in the middle of a sad and lonely night that I felt God’s assuring love that no matter how lost I am or blind I get He will always be searching and calling me to come home. It was also then, in the middle of a sad and lonely night, that the phone rang…   

Wonderful story!!! Wonderful message! But I want a happy ending here. Was it a good phone call?
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