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The Danger of Poor Theology

June 17, 2014 | Greg Smith | Freedom


There is nothing quite as dangerous as bad religion. Unfortunately bad Christian theology has been pretty dangerous on its own accord.  One only has to go back and look at the European Crusades or the French and Spanish inquisitions to see the travesties doled out through history in the name of Christ.

Unfortunately bad or poor Christian theology did not end with the Inquisition – it lives and thrives today.  As a Christian therapist I see poor Christian theology negatively effecting believers on a daily basis. For me, the two main causes for bad theology are fear and rationalization of God’s Word to meet our sinful nature.

The problem with fear- based or "hellfire and brimstone" Christian theology is it never gets to the New Testament.  This doctrinal preaching is accurate theologically when it says that God hates sin and we are sinners. The problem with fear-based Christianity is that the message stops here. The "good news" (and this is literally good news) is that we are freed from the wages of sin by Christ.  Quite frankly, without the New Testament there is much to fear.

Fortunately for us the sacrifice and grace of Jesus has set us free. Those clients that hold on to this fear-based belief system must battle anxiety, negativity and the hopelessness that comes from fearing the inevitable – retribution from God. I can tell you from experience that there is a correlation between the way these people see God and the way they live their lives.

A fear-based belief system sadly puts us where Adam was – hiding in the Garden riddled with guilt fearing that God is unforgiving.  In reality, this type of theology pits us against God i.e., if we sin (and we will) and God does not forgive, we need to hide. In essence fear separates us from God and is not the motivation He intends for us to move toward Him.

The real culprit to a sick theology comes from our tendency to use God’s Word to justify our position or desires. We have all done this and will always be prone to fall into the practice of reading Scripture to validate our own feelings or actions. The Pharisees did it, the crusaders did it and you and I do it. The obvious problem here is that by twisting God’s Word we squeeze the power and truth out – there is no revelation or enlightenment in our own words and view. Rationalization leaves us where fear does – on our own and out of touch with God’s plan for our life and His winning Spirit.   


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