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Christian Combine (F.A.S.T. - Performance Indicators)

March 30, 2015 | Greg Smith | Christianity


Last week (Christian Combine Part 1) I used the NFL Combine to make the point that we as Christians also need to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to living our Christian lives. Just like NFL hopefuls who are tested, challenged and evaluated as to their ability to perform at the highest level, we too need to know how we measure up when God calls.

We talked about the similarities of the Combine athlete and Christian who both can learn from being evaluated or tested – that knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses can be an advantage for those who are motivated to improve and confident enough to self-examine. The confident athlete and strong Christian are not afraid of being tested as such evaluation validates his or her athletic ability or devotion to God.  

As I mentioned last week the key athletic performance indicators used by the NFL Combine are things like time in the 40, speed in the 3 cone drill, bench press weight and vertical jump, etc.  The question I posed last week was, as Christians, “What are the performance indicators that help us evaluate and elevate our performance as Christians?”  

The world is a busy place – life comes at us from all sides – time flies. It is not surprising that at times we can feel lost, overwhelmed and stuck.  In this condition we will not accomplish our goals or become who we aspire to be. This I why I came up with what I call Think F.A.S.T.® which simply is 20 words that can be used as performance indicators for our Christians lives. These words (a complete list can be found at are like drills, which once put in place, can be used to track our spiritual progress; they are signposts that keep us on track.

For example, the NFL Combine uses things like time in the 40, vertical jump and bench press as athletic performance indicators while Think F.A.S.T.® uses the words like faith, accountability, testimony and sacrifice to evaluate our Christian lives.

This is how Think F.A.S.T.® works. Let us take one of the F. words like “foundation” as a performance indicator for the Christian life.  If throughout today you focus on foundation, here is what that brings.

Faith is the foundation upon which we build our lives.  As we look at the life of Christ we see that his actions and life were based on who He was and what He was about. His faith was the foundation of everything He did. Jesus was able to stay the course because He knew where He came from and what He was called to do (John 8:14). His relationship with the Father was not only a belief system, it was his foundation. Coaches use terms like platform, balance or centered, all of which refer to the same thing – the importance of a solid foundation. As Christians, Christ is our platform, He is what keeps us balanced and centered in our lives. Christ as our foundation gives us peace, purpose, helps us set our priorities and enhances Christian performance.  We have a starting place and a model for who we can be and how we should act.

Live today grounded in the foundation that is Christ and all things will seem possible and in perspective. Keep Christ close, “For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”( 1 Corinthians 3:11)

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