Finding God's Winning Spirit

Accountability - Foundation to Our Faith

September 12, 2013 | Greg Smith | Christianity

God gave us “free choice” so we could have a relationship with him. Our ability to have a relationship with God is what separates us from all other creatures, and what separates Christianity from all other religions.  Our ability to have a relationship with our creator is a privilege and with privilege comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability.

Early Christians struggled with the concept of accountability because they were still living under the concept of law.  First century Judaism was based on obedience to the Torah or law and had no place for free choice or individualism in its religion.  For someone to be told that they were “free to follow Christ” was a revolutionary thought. Even today, there are some Christians who would rather be told what to do because free choice for them is risky.  These Christians still hold on to the belief that salvation comes from obedience to the law - they are sacrificing freedom for false security. They do not understand that accountability is not a liability but rather an opportunity; it is not about perfection but about unconditional love.  By owning our own choices and behavior we are validating our part of the relationship with God.  Accountability is our way of showing that we value the gift of free choice and our relationship with Him.    

We have mentioned how important it is in sports for teammates to trust each other.  Trust is fine on one side but there must be accountability on the other.  For a team to function there has to be an equal or agreed sharing of the load.  At some point each individual must agree or accept his or her responsibility as part of the whole.  Christian athletes are accountable because they know that taking responsibly is a way of showing their devotion and conviction to God and their team. 

Christian athletes are accountable because they are not afraid to make a mistake.  Their confidence and acceptance comes from Christ.  They do not have to hide behind excuses or lame attempts to blame others for their mistakes.  For the Christian athlete it is a privilege to play and with privilege comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability.

For the rank and file Christian the problem with accountability comes from an underdeveloped concept of grace.  Many Christians cannot accept the fact that they are going to continually sin.  This inability to accept a sinful nature not only keeps them from experiencing grace it encourages them to deflect or deny their sin, which separates them from God. Being accountable for our own sin tells God that we need him, trust him and most of all love him.  Accountability leads to confession, which leads to forgiveness, which is the foundation of our relationship with our creator.


(Excerpt from Sports Theology: Finding God’s Winning Spirit  - Greg Smith)

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