Finding God's Winning Spirit

God's Winning Spirit

The Game of Life

October 20, 2014 | Greg Smith | Devotional
I remember back in high school one day at football practice our coach said, "Boys football is the game of life". I remember thinking then, like many of my teammates, "what a bunch of hooey". Some 40 years later I find myself not only agreeing with him but taking it one step further and saying, “Sports in general, is the game of eternal life". This is why I am infatuated (some say obsessed) with Sports Theology and the empirical truths that lie in both. Here is what I mean.
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Perfect Timing

October 9, 2014 | Greg Smith |
There is probably nothing more important when it comes to successful athletic performance than timing. It doesn't make any difference if you are talking about the golf swing, a free throw or the release of a forward pass – timing is everything. The base-runner who leaves early or the high jumper who jumps late is doomed by bad timing. It would be fair to say that in most athletic competition what happens usually is effected by when it happen. Actions in proper sequence increases success – a moment too soon or a moment too late and things can look pretty awkward.
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The Apostle Paul: The First "Sports Theologist" (Part Two)

October 6, 2014 | Greg Smith | Christianity
In Part One of my blog, The Apostle Paul: The First “Sports Theologist ", my justification of that statement was based on three things that I felt were true; Paul was a sports fan, he loved Christ and he used the two to teach the gospel.
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The Apostle Paul: The First "Sports Theologist"

September 29, 2014 | Greg Smith | Theology
There have been two or three dozen books written since the 90’s about the connection between religion and sports. These books range in content from the history of sports in the church to sports becoming a religion of its own. In most cases authors are pointing out the connection and/or the similarities between religion, sports and faith.
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September 19, 2014 | Greg Smith | Devotional
One of the best examples of Sports Theology is depicted in the movie Chariots of Fire. This film (best picture of 1981) chronicled and contrasted the lives and viewpoints of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, two great runners, who were selected to represent Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics Games in Paris. For me, the powerful part of this movie is the personification of the perfect Christian athlete – Eric Liddell.
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Walk the Walk

September 11, 2014 | Greg Smith | Christianity
In the secular world the word testimony means to “bear evidence” or “to outwardly authenticate a fact”. Theologically, testimony means, “a public profession of religious experience”. Some would say the two are the same. The Greek word used for testimony in the New Testament means “to give witness”. No matter how you define testimony one could say that what we do and how we live our lives demonstrates to others what is most important to us. Two things are true – we do not have to be “religious” to be a witness and whatever we do “bears witness” to others about our priorities and values.
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Thirteen Seconds

September 5, 2014 | Greg Smith | Devotional
I believe that the rank and file Christian has a skewed view what it means to “be tested”. The word test will force one to decide if they are a half-empty or half-full type of person. When confronted with the word test some will think fail and others will think pass – some will feel the fear of failure while others will feel anticipation of validation.
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Water Break

August 28, 2014 | Greg Smith | Sports
Earlier this year I wrote a series of blogs concerning the state and future of sports in this county (Sports Revival 1-3). One of my concerns mentioned was the exorbitant time athletes spent with couches and what criteria where parents using to select these mentors (coaches). After all, between school and travel-ball many young men and women are spending more time with coaches than with parents. I agree that this is can be good or bad depending on the quality of the coach or parents but it is something that needs to be considered.
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Pearl of Wisdom

August 21, 2014 | Greg Smith | Focus
I was in church Sunday enjoying the sermon when the preacher told a story about a member of one of his former churches. The story goes that this man became very successful financially and retired at a reasonably early age only to begin drinking and gambling. Unfortunately these both became addictions and he was in danger of losing his family and his financial security. One day this particular individual asked Jesus to cure his addictions and these desires “immediately vanished”. The preacher went on to say that once we give our lives to Christ our ills, fears, evil desires and addictions will be taken away. I cringed.
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Aim Small Miss Small

August 15, 2014 | Greg Smith | Focus
The amateur golfer who tees it up at the 17th tee at TPC Sawgrass sees a daunting sight – laid out before them is a green surrounded by water. Now that is not to say that a professional golfer’s pulse does not race a little too (especially on the last day of a tournament) but there is a major difference. The amateur sees trouble (water) everywhere while the professional golfer sees the flag. The pro- golfer has learned that to play well he or she must focus on the target and not be distracted by the potential impending doom.
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