Finding God's Winning Spirit

Counseling overview/philosophy

My name is Greg Smith M. DIV, LPC, and I am a theologically-trained and licensed professional therapist.  I have been trained, and continue to treat, multiple clients with multiple diagnoses.  My counseling approach is both theological and clinical and is solution/performance-based by nature.  It is my desire to help each client reach his or her maximum level of quality of life. I believe that through the power of God's Word/principles and through the utilization of His gifts, we can all live powerful, winning lives.

I do not believe that we were originally made to struggle with life. I do not believe that God created us to suffer with anxiety, depression, addictions, and failed relationships. I do believe that God not only wants the best for us, He has provided the tools for us to live the abundant life.

Throughout the years I have begun to realize that much of our struggles and pain come from our own lack of understanding and unwillingness to follow the promises and principles found in God's Word. The "good news" is that even though we are not immune from the trials and tribulations of life, we can overcome them, learn from them, and live above them through our relationship with Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hidden (and not so hidden) in God's Word are the principles needed to win at life. Our way out is to let Christ in.  All that He needs from us is a simple faith, and in turn He provides all we need. For me, this is the foundation of Christian counseling. Therefore, this is the cornerstone of Greg Smith Counseling.


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