Finding God's Winning Spirit

24/7 Intensive Therapeutic Retreat

The term 24/7 refers to the Intensive Therapeutic Retreat, which is a Christian-based program that provides intensive one-on-one therapy over the course of 5 days in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  This treatment option is the mainstay of Greg's therapeutic ministry. This treatment option is designed for high-profile professionals and athletes who are wanting more than typically received from traditional outpatient therapy. This five-day therapeutic experience is intense and requires total commitment from the client.

Those clients who take advantage of this option typically struggle with professional burnout, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, stress/anxiety, marital issues, etc.   Due to the fact that this therapy takes place throughout the day for five days, each client receives months of therapy in a short period of time. This allows for therapeutic continuity and focus which enhances change/resolution.

Through Greg's work with Sports Theology® he connects faith/athletics and life performance.  That is why this treatment experience is set in a golf resort setting. It is Greg’s belief that rehabilitation and/or healing for these highly motivated clients should take place in the world in which they live. He also believes that treatment should not be punishment.

Through the principles of the Christian faith, life should be fulfilling, fruitful, and believe it or not, fun. Those who choose this treatment venue will be encouraged and commended for the faith and courage necessary to make the changes that are needed.

This treatment option is a high-risk/high-reward proposition.  These clients are typically highly motivated and successful by nature – these same characteristics will be utilized to win the day. Through intensive therapy, Bible study, golf, and the courage to address the changes needed, this treatment experience promises to be effective and dynamic.



To provide Christian-based intensive individual therapy

To supervise/provide five (5) days of sobriety if needed

To enhance life performance through applied theology.

To establish a support system through existing relationships.


Christian Rehab Option - Intensive Therapy

Many of our clients struggle with alcohol and substance addiction or abuse. This specialized work-week is a Christian rehabilitation alternative that not only involves sobriety but creates keys to overcoming the cues for addiction.  We have found that one of the best ways to do this is to keep our clients busy. This intensive therapeutic experience will be highly structured and staff will be present throughout each day (thus the name 24/7). Although we want this time to be one of education and acknowledgement of God's blessings, we will not lose sight of the fact that sobriety is one of our goals.

This modality is intended for those clients who are struggling with relapse issues and have previously attended traditional dug/alcohol rehabilitation in the past. This is recommended due to the fact that we do not have the resources at our resort locations for detoxification issues. This is not to say that we never take clients that are unfamiliar with AA or have not been in rehab before. We realize that everyone has a unique story about their struggle with alcohol/substance and that is why we are somewhat flexible when it comes to clients with addiction issues.

Although Greg Smith Counseling is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, we agree that personal faith is the key to living a fulfilled life free from addiction. We believe that this spiritual life is obtained through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the more we understand this relationship, the more fulfilled we become as individuals. Our daily Bible studies will focus on each individual's need to understand God's role in his/her life. God made us, He can fix us.

The cost of this therapeutic program is $1,500 per day for individuals and $2,000 per day for couples - fees include lodging, meals, and golf. (Transportation to location is not provided).

See Faith Camp tabs for more information on Intensive Therapeutic Retreats.


 A Word From Greg

“I want to be clear that although there is time for golf and relaxation we will continually focus on the individual issues of each client.  In other words this will be an intense week that will require self-reflection and personal commitment. It is our goal to help our clients learn that we all can use the power of our faith in our daily lives and activities. Bring your courage, Bible, golf clubs and a desire to infuse your life with the power of Christ.”