Finding God's Winning Spirit


Gregory Stephen Smith M. DIV., LPC is the founder of Greg Smith Counseling; he is a licensed professional counselor and an ordained minister. Greg’s early professional career was concentrated primarily in  for-profit psychiatry. He began his career as a therapist at a psychiatric hospital in Texas where he became clinical director and then  administrator. Over the next 15 years, he administered psychiatric programs and hospitals in Alabama and Florida. In 1993 Greg resigned his position as president of a private psychiatric firm and moved back to his hometown of Auburn, Alabama, to open The Pastoral Care and Counseling Center where he provides Christian-based therapy to all types of clients and issues.   

In 1970 Greg enrolled in Auburn University. After his sophomore year, he enlisted in the United States Navy. During the last two years of his service, he played softball on the Navy team and was named an all-Navy second baseman. Greg returned to Auburn in 1976 and received his BS degree. After receiving his Masters of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, he devoted the next two years to serving as a hospital chaplain in training (CPE) in San Antonio as preparation for his counseling license.

Although Greg's practice still focuses on all types of counseling issues and clients he recently has begun working with athletes and men and women of influence through sports and theology. This work resulted in the authorship of his book, Sports Theology®: Finding God's Winning Spirit. Greg also is a contract employee for Magellan Health and provides counseling support to US military personnel across the country.

Greg is married to Debbie Day Smith who also graduated from Auburn University (Miss Homecoming '74) and has a degree in special education. Greg and Debbie have been married for 34 years and are the parents of 30-year-old twins.